3 Reasons Why A Camp Blue Melbourne School Holiday Program Is Way Better Than Netflix or Fortnite

As the summer holidays approach, the thought of camp may have crossed your mind. Some parents may feel nervous about sending their kids to a Melbourne school holiday program if they’ve never been away from home before. You may have concerns about your child’s personality and whether or not they will fit in. This is all totally understandable, but when you consider the alternative ‒ hours and hours of screen time and boredom ‒ well, you may want to rethink your plans. Here are the top three reasons why a Camp Blue Melbourne school holiday program for kids is a safe and more appealing option than Netflix or gaming.

  1. Minimise Screen Time

Movies are great, but in moderation. A study in 2018 indicated that children who spend two hours or more on-screen scored lower in language and thinking tests. Experts believe that it can inhibit a child’s development by limiting other means of learning and exploration. Camp Blue Melbourne school holiday programs offer a host of healthy developmental activities for children aged 5 to 15. Children can spend their time exploring outdoors, swimming, playing sports, board games, learning how to make a campfire and heaps more!

  1. Child-Friendly Entertainment

The content on Netflix, online games and social media is not always child-friendly. Parents often have to spend valuable time checking parental guidance or screening what their children are watching. While parents are at work during the summer holidays, it becomes harder to do this and your kids can be exposed to unwanted content through excessive media consumption. Kids summer holiday programs in Melbourne offer a safe environment specifically designed for young people and innocent minds, so parents can have peace of mind that their children are receiving entertainment and edutainment in a nurturing space.

  1. Friends You Can Actually Keep

Online games such as Fortnite are popular because players can talk to each other in real-time and serve as a platform for making cyber friends. However, online friends can never really be substituted for real-life friends that you can see, hang out with or invite to your birthday party. School holiday programs for kids provide a unique opportunity to build lasting friendships based on trust and genuine connection. At Camp Blue Melbourne school holiday programs, children can socialise in a safe setting, and people of different personality types can find like-minded friends with whom they can feel comfortable spending time. They learn how to interact, solve problems together, and bond over their camp experience, free from peer pressure.

The Most Fun-Tastic Kids School Holiday Program In Melbourne

Camp Blue Melbourne is one of the best Melbourne school holiday programs and is conveniently located on the grounds of St. Mary’s College Presentation Campus in Windsor. Our daily schedule is structured yet flexible, including a variety of sports, arts, science and environment activities for a truly unforgettable experience.

Each child learns various skills such as decision-making, teamwork, communication and respect while making friends and connecting with nature. All children are supported, encouraged and cared for in a safe and happy environment run by enthusiastic and highly skilled staff members.

Are you eager for your kids and teens to stay off their screens this summer? Send them to Camp Blue ‒ the best of the best Melbourne school holiday programs for kids. Applications are now open for the summer, so apply here or call 0412 674 243 for more information.[


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