Find Top 20 Holiday Camp Themes For 2022

School holidays are a great time to get the kids out and about, and what better way to do that than by allowing them to enjoy fun camp activities. Well, if you’re looking for some ideas, we’ve put together a list of the top 20 school holiday activities in Sydney for 2022. These activities cover various fun areas ranging from arts and crafts to science experiments, indoor and outdoor games, and more; there’s something for everyone. Let’s get right to it!

Top 20 School Holiday Camp Activities

  • Field Day
    One of the best ways to start the holiday season is by having some fun adventures outdoors. You can create various mini stations on the field with several activities such as super soaker tag, water balloons, snowballs, relay race, sprinkler limbo, and many more. All the children can be grouped and allowed to rotate and spend time in each fun station.
  • Scavenger Hunt
    Scavenger hunts are another fun camping activity you can try with the kids in camp. It involves making a list of things you want the kids to find around the camp without making any purchases. The lists can be made to your preference; it can be challenging or easy depending on the age of the kids. The list can include plants, flowers, rocks, and more.
  • Cabin Carnival
    Cabin carnival games can be created with anything found in and around the camp or house. You can create fun carnival games with basic supplies such as soda bottles, cups, balloons, bean bags, ping pong balls, and many more. With carnival games, there are usually prizes to be won. However, you can replace the prizes by awarding campers stickers to the winners and runner-ups.
  • Dodgeball
    Dodgeball is an interesting game that all ages can enjoy. All you need are balloons and water; you can group the campers and give each group different colors of balloons filled with water. The team that got the least water balloon hit wins.
  • Junkyard Wars
    This activity stimulates the minds of the kids; it allows them to get creative, and it can be done indoors or outdoors. As the name depicts, junkyard wars involve providing the campers with items that can be used to build a machine.
  • Hiking
    Hiking can be fun for both young and old. It can be done creatively for the campers. Story trails, fairy trails, animal hunt trails, and others can be created to pump some excitement and suspense into the activity.
  • Myth Busters
    This activity helps to boost curiosity and desire to learn. Myth busters theme involves writing down a list of practical myths that can easily be created and debunked in front of the kids.
  • Science Experiment
    There are several simple science experiments that the campers can enjoy, like making elephant toothpaste, pepper and soap experiment, magic milk experiment, and more.
  • Traditional Activities with a Twist
    Whether turning into a pirate for a day, learning how to make sushi, or going on a treasure hunt, these activities are sure to be a hit with younger and older kids.
  • Alkaline-seltzer Rockets
    Alkaline-seltzer rockets give the campers insight into science. The kids will be given a rocket template and other relevant materials in this activity. They’ll also be instructed on how to create alkaline-seltzer rockets that can be launched.
  • Sports
    Soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, badminton, table tennis, and more are all fun games that can be played during the holidays.
  • Music Performance
    Why not sign up for a music class if your campers are interested in music? They can learn how to play an instrument, sing, or write their songs. At the end of music class, bring the kids together and have them put on a show for their parents or friends. Some of them can sing, or play instruments, whatever they’re into.
  • Parachute Game
    The parachute game is a popular game loved by toddlers and teenagers. This activity requires a big parachute that’ll be held by about 6 to 10 campers and then balance balls on it.
  • Dance Performance
    The campers can learn a new dance routine to perform at the end of the week. They can choose from various styles, from hip-hop to ballroom dancing.
  • Leaves Crowns
    This activity is a type of art and craft activity that encourages innovative thinking. It involves creating beautiful crowns with leaves.
  • Paper Crowns and Mask
    Making paper crowns is also an activity under the art and craft theme. The kids can make colorful paper crowns and face masks and decorate them with beautiful stickers.
  • Talent show
    Help the kids to discover their talent with the talent show. The kids can rehearse during their spare time and after that perform for everyone.
  • Volcanoes
    Creating volcanoes helps the campers learn a little about science. You’ll need vinegar, baking soda, a water bottle, and dirt to do this project. This is both fun and educational, and when the ingredients are combined properly, it’ll produce an incredible volcano spewing lava.
  • The Beadery
    The kids can make necklaces, friendship bracelets, sun catchers, and dream catchers in the beadery. You’ll need to get a variety of beads (wooden, metal, crystal, plastic, and others), stringing cords (a fishing line, yarn, elastic cords, and more), stoppers, and pliers. You can also print out some creative simple bead-making ideas.
  • Tie and Dye
    Another activity that stays relevant is tie and dye projects. Simple tie and dye techniques include swirls, dots, and stripes. It would be best if you got tie-dye supplies such as gloves, various colors, ropes, crown cover, stones, and t-shirts.
  • Campfire
    Camping and campfire are inseparable pairs. During the campfire, you can tell captivating stories, sing camp songs, make campfire meals (marshmallows, corn, and more), and do other fun activities.
    Camp activities are fun and can be made according to your preference. There are various categories of camp activities that the campers will love. Usually, every kid will find some activities that’ll interest them; it can be traditional pursuits like sports and arts and crafts or more modern options like coding and science experiments. If you are having trouble figuring out a camp activity for your holidays, you can visit


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