How To Find The Best School Holiday Camps In NSW

It’s almost the holiday season, and many parents will be searching for a really great camp for their kids to keep them busy over the summer. Camps are fantastic ways of helping kids relax from the school year and take their minds off textbooks, and experience a different kind of learning through outdoor fun and adventure. If you’re new to the concept of camp, or if you’ve had some bad experiences in the past, we’ve put together this handy guide to finding the best school holiday camps in NSW.


It’s a parent’s job to worry, and we get that. So it’s important to know that any camp you send your child to is 100% safe, with more than one camp guide to watch over your precious little ones and protect them from any accidents or injuries. Before signing up to any camp, make sure that all activities are safely monitored and that they have strict rules in place to manage behaviour.


Speak to the team that is organising the camp, look them up online, read their profiles and what others have to say about them in reviews. This will give you a good idea of their experience and qualifications in setting up camps and managing large groups of energetic kids! People who are well travelled and have extensive experience in school holiday camps both locally and abroad will bring professionalism and dynamism to the job.


One of the biggest benefits of school holiday camps in NSW is that kids get to make new friends and build up their self-esteem and confidence. The last thing any parent would want is for their child to feel left out or not recognised as an individual. Make sure the camp you choose welcomes people of all backgrounds and personalities. Camps are all about growth and self-development, so a friendly, nurturing team is a huge must.


School holiday camps are meant to be fun, so try to get a detailed itinerary from the camp you’re considering, and you’ll be able to see exactly what school holiday activities are planned when meals are provided and if there’s enough downtime to relax. Try to pick a camp that offers a variety of indoor and outdoor activities such as water sports, nature hikes, rock climbing, arts and crafts, board games or obstacle courses.


Camp Blue is one of the best school holiday camps in NSW that you will find. We offer a rich variety of activities and experiences designed to stimulate the imagination and challenge kids aged 5 to 15. Our philosophy is to provide each camper with a unique opportunity for growth.

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