How To Get Your Child Excited About School Holiday Programs

If you’re considering sending your little one to a school holiday program, they may be feeling a little nervous. Some children take to the idea very easily, but others may be apprehensive about leaving the familiarity of their home. The prospect of being around so many strangers can be daunting. Here are a few tips on preparing your child for school holiday programs away from home, such as day camps or overnight camps.

Stay Positive 

The most important thing is to stay positive, even if you are worried about how your child will cope without you. Once they see how positive and happy you are, it will help dispel some of their fears about being away from home. Remind your child about the wonderful experiences to be had and memories to be made at the holiday school program. Harvard University biologist Edward O. Wilson proposed that humans are naturally drawn towards nature, and holiday programs really embrace the outdoors. Exploring nature will have insurmountable benefits for your little one and may even help wean them off the obsession with screens.

Help Them To Pack 

Work together with your child to pack their backpack. When they feel organised and know exactly where their essentials are, it will help them to feel more confident about this temporary period of independence. For example, for overnight programs, make it feel extra special by packing their hygiene items in a little case to find it easily, or label clothing according to each day they will be away from home. This will help reduce stress so they can ease into the program’s events and enjoy making friends.

Go Through The Itinerary Together 

School holiday programs often come with a jam-packed schedule. To prevent your child from feeling overwhelmed, it might also help to go through the itinerary with them before they leave so they know exactly what to expect on each day, when meals will be provided and so on. Once they see all the exciting activities and pictures of other kids at the camp online, it will ease their nerves.

Everyone Is Welcome At Camp Blue 

The unique thing about Camp Blue is that our school holiday programs in Melbourne are specifically designed to appeal to different personalities, so your child can feel secure and comfortable just being themselves. Our experienced instructors allow individuals to blossom and grow in a safe, nurturing, yet fun-filled environment. Find out more about our upcoming school holiday programs and give your child an experience to remember.


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