Melbourne School Camps Offer A Unique Sensory Experience

Sensory learning is now being praised for its huge benefits in young children. From early learning right through to high school, only two senses are activated in traditional learning methods: hearing and seeing. What about touch, taste and smell? Melbourne school camps are a fantastic way to get all the senses involved in the learning process through lived experiences. At Camp Blue, we offer a whole range of activities that will get your child up and about and learning through movement and interactions with nature and peers in his/her age group.

Holistic Learning Through Play

When children are outside the confines of the classroom and feel relaxed, their learning can still continue and may even be more effective because they can truly be themselves. They can harness their curiosity and engage their bodies and minds in subjects that really interest them.

If your child is a kinesthetic learner, he/she will love the dynamism of Melbourne school camps. We offer a range of individual and team sports, arts and creative activities, as well as opportunities for adventure and unique outdoor games to get kids active. Through these activities, they learn leadership skills, communication skills, the value of teamwork and build up their self-confidence. If your child is an audiovisual learner, these exciting physical activities will challenge them into using other parts of their brain for a holistic sensory experience.

Our Dynamic Schedule

The unique quality of Melbourne school camps offered by Camp Blue is that our schedule has been designed to incorporate as many different types of activities as possible to accommodate for campers of different personalities and learning styles. Our daily schedule typically includes a healthy mix of mealtimes, outdoor activity, indoor fun and games, time for individual contemplation and learning, team-based activities, socialising and set times for paying attention to rules and regulations. In this way, your child will be having fun while exploring all parts of their being and learning new things about their own capabilities.

While many camps have a single focus, our campers get to experience art, cooking, nature trails, intellectually challenging games, and so much more.

If you’re looking to give your child an awesome school holiday in Melbourne, there is still time to sign up for Camp Blue’s Melbourne camp coming up soon. Our camps are based on the American summer camp model and run by experienced professionals who love working with young people.

Parents, you can have peace of mind that your precious one will be in safe hands with us. Read more about our Melbourne school camps and contact us to apply.


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