Pack Your Bags, It’s Almost Time For Camp Blue’s Overnight Camp In NSW

Kids camps are a great way to have fun while learning, socialising and building self-confidence. Being outdoors has numerous benefits for the mind, body and soul, and school camps in Australia definitely offer a unique outdoor experience, with our natural environment teeming with life. Camp Blue school holiday programs in Sydney aim to bring the American summer camp experience to our local shores and is excited to invite all young campers to our upcoming Beachside Overnight Camp in NSW, just a few sleeps away!


While day camps have their benefits, there is something so special about an overnight camp, and kids love them! For parents who may be a little nervous about letting your little one go for an entire night, you can rest assured that we will take excellent care of them. At Camp Blue’s Overnight Camp in NSW, children from years 3-9 are welcome and are in for the time of their lives! You can expect rock climbing, abseiling, archery, nature walks, art, lots of team-building games and nutritious meals prepared for you at set meal times. Choose from our Beachside Camp or Bush Getaway. 

Our camp guides are with the groups all the time to ensure that all rules are being followed for maximum safety. We have safety measures in place for rock climbing activities, and our guides are there to comfort and encourage you every step of the way. Camp director Will Agnew is from  Sydney and is well-travelled, so he makes sure that all kids who attend our camps receive a well-rounded full experience.

“I am a huge believer in the power that an authentic camp experience can bring to children. Camp increases the development of your child’s independence, confidence, character and gives them a general sense of belonging,” he says.

In short, our overnight camp is one of the best school holiday camps in NSW and promises a life-changing experience that gives parents peace of mind and gives kids an outdoor adventure they will always remember.


Camp Blue is a premier holiday camp for girls and boys in Sydney, NSW, and Melbourne, VIC. We offer a rich variety of activities and experiences designed to stimulate the imagination and challenge kids aged 5 to 15.  While many other school camps in NSW don’t cater for the rich diversity and different personalities of young campers, we appreciate that everyone has unique differences, and we strive to help each person bring out their full potential in a safe environment. 

Be sure to book now for our Beachside Overnight Camp in NSW coming up soon! For more information, call 02 9400 9413, email: or visit


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