Why Camps Are The Best School Holiday Activities

The thing about the holidays is that they’re great in the beginning, but for parents who have to think of new ways to entertain the kids day after day, it eventually seems to go on, and on, and on! By the end of it, the poor parents are often more tired than when they started. Of course, being a hands-on mum or dad is wonderful, but trying out something new like day camps could be a refreshing experience for your kids and for you as a parent. Camps have been rated as one of the best school holiday activities, as they offer clean, healthy fun and learning for kids away from home in a safe environment.

Save Money And Stress

You may be wondering how holiday camps can save money since they are paid for. But if you consider the amount of money you would spend on trips to the mall, buying takeouts, toys, art supplies and games for your kids to play with at home, it makes a lot of sense. You might think that keeping the kids at home for the holidays will save you money, but you actually end up spending more on ways to entertain them. With a school holiday camp, you pay the fee for the program only and your child is entertained, making friends and being productive all at the same time. Since your child will be so busy with activities prepared by the camp group, it means less stress and peace of mind for you as a parent.

A Chance Of A Lifetime 

Camps make a fantastic option for school holiday activities because of the wide range of skills your child can learn. And let’s face it, there’s only so much family Twister we can all handle, right? At a school holiday program in Melbourne, your child can experience dancing, cooking, outdoor games and sport, obstacle courses, art, and so much more. The best part is that they can do all of this with children their age and make lifelong friends. This is much more than we can offer them on holiday spent at home. Your child could have certain once in a lifetime opportunities at the camp, and their beaming smiles will be all the thanks you need.

For the best in school holiday activities in the beautiful landscapes of Melbourne and Northern Sydney, contact Camp Blue. Our day camps and overnight camps are designed to give young campers an unforgettable experience in a safe environment.


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