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School Holiday Camps in Australia for Kids & Teens

Why camp blue?

With today’s society offering so many different options for our children, choosing a school holiday program to suit their interests, build their social networks and enhance their skills can be difficult.

Parents soon discover that most holiday programs fail to cater for their children’s diverse and ever-changing interests.

Camp Blue has set itself apart by providing a variety of fun, engaging and dynamic programs for a wide range of ages personalities.

There really is no other experience like Camp Blue!

Our Programs and Activities for Kids

Give your child the ultimate school holiday adventure at our premier Day Camps, with locations in NSW and VIC. Boasting exceptional facilities and a diverse range of up to 20 activities daily, your camper will eagerly anticipate each holiday for an unparalleled experience.

Structured into multiple activity periods per day, our philosophy revolves around catering to each camper’s unique curiosities and interests, fostering individual growth. Campers in Years 1-9 actively participate in crafting their own schedule, choosing their favourite activities from the available options to fill elective periods. Get ready for a school holiday program filled with excitement and discovery!

Camp Blue Overnight offers a transformative experience for children in Years 3-9, creating an ideal setting for them to explore a diverse range of activities, forge new friendships, and cultivate independence.

Our emphasis is on fostering a sense of fun, family, and friendship, empowering campers to develop greater independence and self-reliance. Throughout their stay, they will confront fresh challenges, build meaningful connections, and nurture the confidence that kick-starts a lifelong journey of self-discovery. An essential rite of passage, and the adventure of a lifetime.

Tailored for high school students in Years 7–9, our Teen Camp holiday program is crafted to provide an engaging, active, and social experience during school breaks.

Distinguished from our traditional on-site day camps, the Teen Camp holiday program takes a primarily off-site approach. Each day, participants explore different venues and engage in a diverse range of activities, ensuring a dynamic and adventurous holiday experience.

Our Mini Blues program is a unique and comprehensive school holiday experience for preschool children, catering specifically to the developmental needs and interests of their age and stage.

The program provides a fun and engaging environment for children to explore new activities and make new friends. With a range of activities including sports, art, drama, and cooking, there is something to suit every child. Our qualified staff instruct and supervise the program, ensuring a safe and relaxed atmosphere for your child.

There is no other experience like camp blue

Camp Blue empowers children to make their own decisions on what they want to engage in from an eclectic choice of activities facilitated by our experienced team.

The camp blue impact

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