Benefits of Children Attending Holiday Programs

Finding the perfect school holiday programs, whether it be a day camp, overnight camp or teen camp in either Sydney or Melbourne is essential to ensuring your child gets the most out of their holiday experience. Attending camp builds self-esteem, develops independence and contributes to key physical, cognitive, and emotional skill development. By encouraging your child to attend camp, they’ll find ways to explore their interests, reconnect with nature and make new friends while discovering creative and exciting new ways to learn!

Here are a few reasons why it’s highly beneficial for your child to attend school holiday programs.

It Encourages Independence and Builds Self-Esteem

There’s nothing more beautiful than watching a curious child discover the world in his or her own way. Attending camp gives children a change of scenery and a much-needed break from routine, reigniting their sense of wonder.

  • Confidence Builder

They’re able to explore the beauty of nature, meet like-minded friends their own age and take part in school holidays activities that encourage them to take on leadership roles. Camp activities are planned in a way that not only teaches them valuable life lessons but also nurtures their independence and builds self-esteem. The confidence they gain when they learn that anything is possible when you set your mind to it has an exceedingly positive impact on their lives.

  • Embrace Individuality

Every holiday program gives campers a wonderful opportunity to experience activities that inspire inventive creativity through imaginative play. Most importantly, it gives them the confidence to be who they are and teaches them to fearlessly tackle any obstacle in their way.

Individuality is something to be embraced, and by encouraging children to explore activities that suit them best, they learn an important life lesson – it’s perfectly okay to be different!

  • Activities For Every Personality

We understand that for some children, the idea of spending the school holiday in a fascinating new place playing tons of fun games and meeting new friends is exciting.

Each child is different, and the right camp will show appreciation for individuality by providing options and activities for every type of personality. With programs like these in Melbourne and Manly, there’s no need for your child to miss out on all the fun.

The perfect camp will provide options and activities for every type of personality, and for those children that aren’t quite ready to sleep out yet, day camps are the perfect option to make them feel more at ease while still being able to enjoy all the benefits camp has to offer.

Whether your child is interested in parkour, robotics, wall climbing, arts, cooking or sports, Camp Blue has the perfect program to stimulate personal growth and hone invaluable skills, giving them the perfect tools to build a successful future.

They’ll Learn Essential Skills Through Play

Playing is one of the most important aspects of childhood development; it’s the way they interact with the world around them which is fundamental when it comes to socialisation and retaining any information they learn.

  • Safe And Relaxed Environment

Children at camp have the freedom to explore their interests and learn new skills in a safe, relaxed environment where they’re cared for, and well looked after by a team of qualified, experienced ‘counsellors’. This allows them to wholeheartedly participate in activities without hesitation or boredom!

  • Enhanced Decision-Making Skills

By giving them a voice and including them in daily activity choices, it enhances their decision-making skills as they automatically learn to balance out the pro’s and con’s of various options before coming to a conclusion based on the results.

  • Fun Activities

Children absolutely love camp, and it’s because the whole program revolves around them, what they enjoy doing and what contributes to their personal growth. Because no matter what they choose, every activity is mentally stimulating and packed with fun!

  • Develop New Skills

Sticking to what you’re good at and avoiding opportunities to develop a new skill creates unnecessary limitations and gives you access to fewer opportunities in life. Camp is full of valuable life lessons such as teamwork, empathy, responsibility and self-reliance. But one of the most important things your child will learn is perseverance.

  • Perseverance

We all know that, at times, learning something new can be a little more difficult than initially expected. However, it’s so important to teach the children of today that although giving up may be easier than trying again, perseverance is the true key to success.

Children get easily disappointed when things don’t work out the way they initially expected, but a camp that has friendly campmates, supportive team leaders and provides unyielding support can be the difference between a child wanting to walk away or having the motivation to get up and try again.

Promotes Emotional Growth

In the beautiful, diverse world we live in, no two people are the same. Camp gives children the opportunity to learn about one another and embrace not only their own uniqueness but embrace others’ as well.

  • Learn To Work In A Team

With many activities, including teamwork, campers learn how to cooperate in order to achieve a common goal. This can be frustrating when someone else doesn’t have the same idea or has a completely different opinion.

  • Learn A New Perspective

Camp teaches children understanding, how to see things from someone else’s perspective and that everyone’s opinion matters. This type of deeper understanding and appreciation for the people that live alongside us is crucial as it develops a healthy outlook on life and promotes emotional growth.

Apply now for our school holiday programs and activities and give your child a holiday experience they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives!


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