Camp Blue Newsroom Summer 2019

Breaking! Pitch Imperfect: Glee Club debut’s song in J# Major

The Camp Blue Glee Club just released their latest mash-up of Queen’s greatest hits featuring classics such as Bluemenian Rhapsody in a newly discovered scale, J# Major. Even the most forgiving eardrums were ringing after the enthusiastic rendition was debuted.

Breaking: Little blue washes hands with soap!

In a Camp Blue first, a little blue was spotted washing hands with antibacterial soap without a single helpful reminder from counsellors. “I’m a bit of a trailblazer and I don’t like to follow the crowd,” the camper said.

Update: Counsellor Shelley is still a bear and starts growing claws

Counsellor Shelley is now officially the longest-standing member of the bear hub group. In 2019, she enters her 6th consecutive year in bears and campers have reported that she has started to embody more and more of the physical attributes of the famed hub mascot with fresh claws. Is fur next?

Camp Blue, a review by The Newsroom’s, Isla Mather

What I like about Camp Blue is all of the staff are so nice and funny. Another thing I like about Camp Blue is all the fun things and activities they provide like Tennis, Photography, Zumba, Swimming, Newsroom, Makerspace, Cooking and many more.

My favourite activity that I have done is Photography. My second favourite is Newsroom and my third favourite is Zumba and that is why I love Camp Blue!

Please note, Isla was not paid by staff for this review. ;-)


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