What does it take to be a Camp Counsellor at Camp Blue?

Do you think you have what it takes to be a camp counsellor at Camp Blue?  Our camp counsellors are integral to the camper experience at Camp Blue. They pull everyone together and help establish a sense of unity and family. It certainly makes it hard to say goodbye at the end of the camp week.

We are all just big kids!

Some of our camp counsellors like to think of themselves as campers. They feel free to let go and have fun, playing around like big kids. Counsellors can play sports, cook, lead drama or art classes and even jump in the pool with campers. It’s loads of fun!

Sharing our camp traditions

Camp traditions are a huge part of Camp Blue. Whether it’s jumping on stage to perform a traditional camp song or passing the secret initiation for new camp counsellors, you’ll love our camp traditions.

Qualities we like to see in our camp counsellors

Camp week can get crazy busy and so our counsellors need to be adaptable, resourceful and patient. There are a few other qualifications you need such as previous experience working with children, a current first-aid certificate and Working with Children Check. We list all of these on our Careers page at www.campblue.com.au/careers.

Before I go, here’s what a couple of our camp counsellors had to say about what they think it takes to be a camp counsellor at Camp Blue.

 “The ability to just go with it and laugh when things don’t go to plan.” ~ Kate

 “Being kind and flexible, as well as resourceful. A good sense of humour and being able to laugh at yourself helps too.” ~ Paisley

 If you think you have what it takes to be a Camp Blue Camp Counsellor, then visit our Careers page at www.campblue.com.au/careers.  You’ll find information about Camp Blue, our programs, the job description, a video from our camp counsellors, as well as how to apply.


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