What To Do With Your Kids These School Holidays

With the April holidays fast approaching, parents are struggling to find a way to keep their kids occupied while being well looked after. Instead of paying for out of school care, a babysitter or a range of pricey activities to keep them entertained; there’s still time to get your kids into Camp Blue.

Our camps run to provide everything your children will engage in a range of diverse activities and make new friends. What more can you ask for?

We all love our children, and there’ is no better peace of mind than knowing your kids are being cared for and having lots of fun. Camp Blue’s leaders are highly experienced in coordinating large groups of children and keeping them safe and happy! Not to mention, we offer a wide range of activities that your kids will love.

What will your kids do?

Our camp programs offer countless activities that appeal to every child, no matter their personality. Whether it is a creative, sporty or quiet task, we have them all. From outdoor sports and crafting to a quiet activity like chess, your kids will be busy all day long!

Some of our activities include;

  • Outdoor sports (Tennis, Basketball, Netball, Cricket etc.)
  • Cooking
  • Art and Craft
  • Making
  • Photography
  • Drama classes
  • Beach sports
  • Chess
  • Media activities (Mock Newsroom and Video Editing) 

Your children will learn to make new friends, push their boundaries and try new things, building their confidence and resilience. Everyone gets to try something out of their comfort zone and learn new skills that last a lifetime. It’s a great way for your children to experience independance and a sense of freedom around the campsite. Our leaders are like friends to your kids, so they can trust and confide in them on a mature level, which is great for character building! 

How will they be looked after?

Our fully equipped camping facilities ensure your kids have access to all of the essentials; food, water, shelter, first aid and everything in between. You don’t have to worry about your child’s safety, there is also a minimum of one leader per group of 6 children, and activities run in groups of 12. Your kids get the attention they deserve and we make sure to tend to their every need and help them adjust to camp life. 

Additionally, if your child has any medical needs, we can put together a personalised plan for the duration of the camp to ensure they get the treatment they need.

Why choose Camp Blue?

Camp Blue is based on the American “Summer Camp” Model, so children can make their own decisions about which activities they want to engage in. We run our Camps in exceptionally high quality facilities, some of which have a full commercial kitchen, indoor courts, outdoor courts, a 6-lane 25 metre indoor heated pool, multiple classrooms, drama studio, 2 indoor halls, the beach, and so much more!

The Camp Blue experience is very much based on treating your kids with enthusiasm and flexibility to help them stretch their imaginations. We preach respect for individual differences and an appreciation for their environment and all it does for us. 

Camp Blue is an accredited child care provider with the FAO, so parents (if eligible), are entitled to the CCB & CCR payments for each camp. All of our staff are highly experienced, qualified child carers and some of them have even worked at camps in the USA. 

How to apply

If you’re ready to give your kids the time of their lives at Camp Blue, visit the ‘Apply Now’ page on our website.


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