How Camp Blue Helps Kids To Find Their Passion

Every child is different; some love the outdoors and being active, some are artistic and some are logical and analytical. But, there are also kids who are a mix of all of these things! This can make it difficult for parents to know where their child’s true passion lies and what they should encourage them to pursue further. 

At Camp Blue, we don’t limit kids to any one genre of activity; everyone tries something new and different. We encourage our camp mates to try something new and make friends with other children with many different interests. It’s a great way to expand their horizons beyond the school curriculum!

We offer countless activities that inspire children’s creativity, competitiveness and thinking skills. 

Outdoor activities

Camp Blue offers a range of different sports like Basketball, Netball, Cricket and Tennis at every camp to keep your kids active and working in teams. Some of our camps also offer beach activities like Volleyball, Soccer and Frisbee to engage the children with different surroundings. Sports provide a great social opportunity for kids to adapt to how their teammates play. 

Being outdoors and adapting to the elements is something all kids should experience with a group of people their same age. We teach kids how to adhere to safety practices and play by the rules. 

Arts and crafts

The Makerspace is our free-for-all craft area where your kids can upcycle, recycle and use a variety of materials to conjure curious creations. Whether your child is an inventor, artist or crafter, their imaginations will come alive in this workshop!

We also run arts and crafts sessions where the kids are encouraged to communicate with each other to interpret a given task in their own way. 


Our media facilities give your kids a taste of what it’s like to be on the radio or behind a camera. Our newsroom studio, photography and video editing activities appeal to kids who love the fun side of media technology.

Focusing on a side of creativity that isn’t offered in primary and middle schooling, the media program nurtures your child’s potential to see a career in the industry. 

Dance and drama

Performing arts are a great way to push kids out of their comfort zone, enabling them to express themselves through movement. Our kids take part in drama, zumba, hip hop, music video making and small productions to push their boundaries and have fun with artistic expression. 

Every child will be faced with a challenging public speech or performance in their lifetime, whether that be through school, university or in the workplace. We aim to help them feel confident in their ability to present, but also just foster an appreciation for the arts. 


Cooking is an essential survival skill that we all have to learn, but not everyone is so keen on getting their hands dirty in the kitchen! We show kids that cooking and baking can be exciting and that making delicious and nutritious meals is both fun and rewarding. Best of all, kids are encouraged to use these recipes at home and share them with their families which means less cooking for mum and dad. 


A game of tactical thinking; chess is a game that every child should learn. It teaches kids helpful skills like logic, competitiveness and reading your opponent, that apply to so many other of life’s challenges. 

Find their passion

Camp Blue helps your children find their calling by exposing them to a wide range of activities that they otherwise may never get a chance to try. Many parents tell our organisers that their child came home with a surprising new skill or interest that they didn’t have before! Kids learn to make new friends, communicate and adapt to new situations while trying exciting new things.


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