Give Your Kids Confidence To Conquer The World

Confidence is built from the inside out through positive relationships with friends and peers. However, it’s hard for confidence to progress when your child is only exposed to the same people and environments week in, week out.

Camp Blue brings children of all ages and backgrounds together to take part in a range of activities while making new friends and sharing experiences. Our camp leaders help to bring the best out in your children by encouraging them to positively interact with each other.

Our aim is to set kids up for success by giving them an unforgettable experience filled with fun and friendship; making memories to last a lifetime.

Trying new things

The kids who come to our camps are not limited in what they can do. We offer activities to suit almost every preference and everyone gets to try or make something new. Our activities like cooking, media training, and chess help to teach young ones vital life skills that they can adapt to various situations beyond the campsite.

Life is all about adapting to new scenarios and pushing your boundaries, which is exactly what our activities require. Things like learning new sports, acting in a drama class and being somewhere away from home foster character building and resilience. If a child can successfully adapt to new situations, they’ll be sure to succeed in life!

Making friends

Our camps attract kids from diverse backgrounds, all with unique personalities and interests. Learning from one another, kids at our camp form lifelong bonds with people outside of their usual social circles. This teaches them the importance of networking and getting to know people who are different than themselves. It’s easy for kids to find common ground when taking part in so many exciting activities that involve teamwork and communication.

We find our programs especially useful for people transitioning into middle or high school. Our camps test their social ability and help prepare them for a new school environment through scheduled activities.

Learning new skills

The children that come through Camp Blue always leave with skills that they didn’t have previously thanks to our fun filled schedule of diverse activities. Kids explore where their strengths lie, what they could improve on and most importantly which activities they enjoy most.

Not only will your children get to try things like dance, crafting, photography and beach sports, they’ll also learn new personality traits. They will improve on their communication with and compassion for others, teamwork skills and of course, gain the confidence to take on new challenges.

Exploring new environments

Most children travel to new places with their parents or family members which gives them a sense of security. Our camp takes kids out of their comfort zone to experience new settings with other people their own age and non-relative authority figures. For most children, it’s a completely new experience and something that can bring out a lot of positive independence and an ability to be okay on their own.

Our camp goers experience various outdoor terrains as well as bunking and eating with others in the camp quarters. Although this is outside of their norm, kids have a great way of immersing themselves in any situation and growing from it, which is why our camp is so experience driven.

Camp Blue

Camp Blue is offered in Victoria and New South Wales but accepts children from all over the country who are willing to participate. Our expert Camp Leaders are there to cater to your child’s every need and help them feel safe and included in all of the camp activities. To apply for one of our camps, click the apply now button in the top menu.

We hope to see you and your family at our next camp!


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